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Sunday, July 13, 2008 |

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The "Bookmark Login" is a MashedLife tool that makes logging into your favorite sites easier and quicker.
This website is a content related on a comment that i clipped below:
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AOL Implements Vidoop’s OpenID-Based Authentication

Can I trust MashedLife?

Yes! Absolutely! Most Certainly!

MashedLife is certified by the high standards of Trust-e and The Better Business Bureau to protect each user's privacy. Your personal data are encrypted no matter in storage or in transmission, they will not be sold to marketers, will not be seen by anyone and we disallow anyone to spam on our users. Feel free to check out our Privacy Statement for more details and founders' expertise in this area.

 I have multiple accounts of a site, how do I choose one of them when using bookmark login?
Click on the site + username link from within MashedLife. Then MashedLife's Bookmark Login bookmark will automaticall choose that username to login to the site.
What if I forget to log out from Mashed Life? Set timeout!
MashedLife will log you out automatically after the set timeout of inactivity. You can customize your timeout period by clicking 'Edit Account' after the user account name at the top right corner after you log in. However we strongly recommend that you log out when you leave your computer.

    First, go enable Bookmark Login.
go enable Bookmark Login

    Secondly, once you have the Bookmark Login ready to go and you are logged in to MashedLife - In either a new tab or a new window, navigate to any of the web sites already saved within MashedLife and just click on the Bookmark Login by selecting it from Bookmarks/Favorites and you will be instantly and safely logged in to that site!

    You need only ONE MashedLife login bookmark to log in to all sites because the login bookmark automatically detects what site you are trying to log in to when your browser navigates to that site.

    Lastly, once you log out from MashedLife the Bookmark Login no longer takes effect, but you will still be logged in to other sites you have logged in during this session, so don't forget to close your browser windows! :)

Need an illustration? This video and Walk-through should help:Walk-through

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